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Arsenic Removal


  • Arsenic has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a human carcinogen (cancer causing). Long term exposure to arsenic has been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, immunological disorders, diabetes and other medical issues.
  • Arsenic occurs naturally in many parts of the United States, including New Hampshire and other areas of New England.
  • Arsenic in water has no smell, taste or color, even at high concentrations.


Arsenic Treatment Systems For Your Kitchen

Our “Point Of Use” systems are a cost effective, full arsenic elimination system that provides the extra level of assurance you need for total peace of mind. These systems are more robust than standard units, but only require a small footprint for installation in your basement.

There are two point of use options:

1. Kitchen Faucet (Cold Water Side) and Refrigerator Ice Maker/Water Dispenser
        - No additional faucet necessary


2. Separate Faucet and Refrigerator Ice Maker/Water Dispenser
        - Variety of faucet finishes to choose from to match your décor.


Whole House Arsenic Treatment System

With our whole house system, all of the water in your house is treated, not just one faucet. The primary concern with arsenic is consumption rather than contact with skin. The heart of this system is an advanced Layne RT media, impregnated with hydrous iron oxide. This resin efficiently and safely binds arsenic, and never needs backwashing, providing you several advantages.

Total Peace of Mind:
  • Eliminates both Arsenic types 3 and 5.
  • Peace of mind: A dual-column, 100% redundant, professionally engineered state-of-the-art system ensures treated water. The second column acts as a backup when the first column is spent.
  • No connection to sewer or septic is required.
  • Your system is always in service.

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