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Common Water Issues

Hard Water

  • Dries out skin and makes hair brittle
  • Causes white soap scum in tubs and showers and spots on faucets, fixtures and dishes
  • Causes scaling in appliances and water heaters, which results in a reduction of efficiency, costly repairs, high operation costs and premature replacement

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Iron and Manganese

  • High levels of iron and / or manganese can cause discolored (brown, yellow, orange) water.
  • Leaves ugly stains on clothing, appliances and fixtures.
  • Not a health concern, but certainly a nuisance.

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“Rotten Egg Smell”

  • In New England, it is common to have hydrogen sulfide gas which is caused by a natural chemical reaction in deep wells.
  • The presence of hydrogen sulfide gas is not a health issue, but it is certainly unpleasant.

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Low pH, Acidic Water

  • A pH level below 7 is acidic.
  • Acidic water can leach metals out of the plumbing system, causing plumbing, staining and taste problems.
  • Dissolved copper will be left behind in showers and sinks, leading to a blue-green stain after the water evaporates, and weakening the plumbing system over time.
  • Lead and copper can dissolve into the water leaving a metallic taste to the water.

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Bacteria: Coliform & E-coli

  • Coliform bacteria can be plant or soil bacteria but it may also includes pathogenic organisms
  • E coli bacteria come from the intestines of warm-blooded animals and represents a serious water quality problem. The water should not be consumed, and the source should be found and stopped.
  • A positive bacteria result will prevent a real estate transaction from closing.
  • You only know for sure if you have bacteria by testing for it…usually there is no odor, color or taste present.

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  • Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is very common in New England and is a result of radioactive decay of uranium, a common element in our bedrock.
  • Radon gas dissolves into groundwater and then is released into the air when the water is used within a home or building.
  • Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

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  • Arsenic is a naturally occurring element which contributes to various cancers, neurological disorders and circulatory problems.
  • Arsenic has no color, odor or taste.

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  • Uranium is a common naturally occurring and radioactive substance. It is a normal part of rocks, soil, air, and water, and it occurs in nature in the form of minerals.
  • Uranium has toxic effects on kidneys and can cause cancer with prolonged exposure.
  • Treatment is recommended if your water exceeds the EPA maximum contaminant level.


Chlorine taste or smell

  • Drying to your skin and hair.
  • Unpleasant smell and taste
  • City water is treated with chlorine to disinfect the water supply, but it should be filtered out before you use it at home.

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