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Constant Pressure Systems


Looking for more water pressure?

Low water pressure is a nuisance! You may have noticed that your washing machine fills more slowly when your dishwasher is running, or that your shower sputters when your sprinkler turns on. With a constant pressure system, you don’t have to schedule your day around your water usage constant pressure controllers vastly improve your home water system. Using variable speed technology, you have the ability to continuously monitor water demand and adjust the speed of your pump to provide the water you need without pressure fluctuations.


Our Constant Pressure Systems provide pressure similar to “city” water from your own private well utilizing the Gould Aquavar SOLO system.


✔ Constant Pressure Pump Control

✔ Controller acts as a pump protection and troubleshooting device – promotes reliability and a longer pump life since the controller only operates the pump at the speed needed to meet flow and pressure demand at a given moment.

✔ Ability to retrofit with existing well system regardless of motor brand

✔ Pressure transducer better protected from power surges

✔ Uses include Residential, Irrigation and Greenhouse applications


Booster Pumps

Very useful to provide constant pressure, especially in community well situations.

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