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"After the sale, it’s the service that counts”


The review was well deserved and this was the first time I ever posted a review. I was truly impressed by your organization through the entire process. From the evaluation to the proposal, the work performed and the end result. We are now back to using well water and no more trips to the grocery store to buy spring water. Worth every penny. I have already referred you to a friend who has similar needs because I am confident that they will be likewise well satisfied with your company. It's good to have a go to firm such as Advance when the need arises. There are a lot of shoddy and sketchy characters out there and when one is spending this kind of money they want to have confidence in the firm they hire. I like many others have experienced unhappy endings. Price is one issue, but results are what is most important. You were not the low bidder but what sold me on Advance were the reviews and then Rob who impressed me with his knowledge and proposal. Professional all the way through. So nice to deal with a business that has integrity.

Thanks again.
Mark Pawlik
Raymond, NH

I was very happy with everything from the office help, returned calls and the workmanship. I would recommend your business to my family and friends.
Paula Martel
Strafford, NH

I think that the service that your people provide is outstanding. We have a large house and a lot of people who do work here, but no service people surpass your guys. I'd tell you if I had specific suggestions for improvement, but I can't think of anything your company can do better.
Mike McClurken
Durham, NH

I have only the best things to say about Advance Pump and Filter! I called initially with questions regarding tankless water heaters and how that might effect the filter. Steve was fabulous in explaining things to me and then going through our water test results afterwards. We ended up not going with a tankless water heater, but did have the work done to repair the overspray we were getting when the system backflushed. The technician was very good and explained things well and performed the work in a very timely manner. We bought our water filter almost 18 years ago and have always been very pleased with the service we have received. Thank you!/i>
Lynn Low
Dover, NH

Your email Is timely, I was thinking this morning of sending you an email to let you know how pleased we are with the new system. Water quality hasn't been this good in years. The quality of the installation, professionalism of the installers and support/advice from your office through the entire process has been exceptional. We're pleased.
Thank you,
Steve F
W.Lebanon, ME

You guys always do a great job for us. We were having some issues with odor as well as water pressure and Steve was quick to get back to us and get us on the schedule. Craig and the other guys came out and fixed everything right up and it's working great now. A+. Thanks!
Marc L.
Greenland, NH

I was very pleased with the service from your company. The techincians explained what my options were and what the cost would be. They were professional and polite and finished the work in a timely fashion.
Cherie A
Brentwood, NH

Excellent service recently.

Neal F
Durham, NH

Everything was good...
Always very knowledgeable and personable employees.
Thank you
Theresa W.
E.Kingston, NH

I was very pleased with the service, Craig's (and the other person who joined him) friendliness and professionalism. I located Advance 1.5 years ago when 2 other water companies gave up on me and could not solve a water quality issue and Craig took the time then to identify the issue and solve it for us. We are very pleased with the work.
Andrew S.
Brentwood, NH

You guys are awesome. You came out right away and not only found the problem, you were able to fix it immediately. Thanks for everything!
Stephanie P
Lee, NH

Sean serviced out treatment system today. He was thorough and even flushed our pressure tank (not sure you folks had done that before??). Great job!
Carol C.
Newfields, NH

Craig was professional, friendly, thorough and explained the work done when completed.
Thank you.
Bob C
Nottingham, NH

The installation went very smoothly. There were no problems. We would definitely recommend Advance Pump and Filter.
Monica M
Lee, NH

Just want to let you know that we were very pleased with the service we have received in regards to the installation of our new water system. The service we received from the initial sales calls all the way through the installation was above average.

The detailed estimate provided for the plan of attack was very thorough, easy to understand and reflected everything that we discussed.

The service guys were very professional, respectful, knowledgeable and did an awesome job while installing the new system. Everything is working as intended and we are very excited to know that the water in the house is now safe to use and we do not have to worry about the arsenic any longer.

Also wanted to mention that I have been into the office a few times to drop off checks and the front desk person was extremely helpful and knowledgeable also.

All and all, we would not hesitate to recommend Advance Pump and Filter to anyone.

Thanks again for everything,
Pam & Bill S
Barrington, NH

Thank you for the wonderful work.

Courteous, professional, neat and on time.

They now are coming in a couple weeks to put a new well pump in ; as one of your technicians advised that ours was well beyond its life span.

Thank you and hope all is well.

Fred and Deborah H.
Lee, NH

We are happy to vouch for Sean. He has tended to our water system at least 2X. He is a nice, friendly person who can take a joke! And we get to talk a little sports while he works! Upon arrival a few weeks ago, we told him we were going to satisfy an item on his "bucket list" by traveling down our new Stair-Chair (that us old geezers recently installed to easily access our basement). Although he was a tight fit, Sean was a good sport! He keeps our water system running, clearly explains when I ask dumb questions, -and what more can one ask. We give Sean an "A". Now he can go home and tell his son he got a good grade at work!
Have a good day,
John & Joanne S
Barrington, NH

Sean was very friendly, great at communicating, and informative when he was through working. I have no complaints!
Andrea C
Dover, NH

Great couple of guys, They both seem to love what they are doing, Kind of guys you could become friends with real quick, We had a great time playing pool and table tennis on your dime. (just Kidding) !!!!! They did a great job, I'll be sure to call you when my water tank and well pump fails, (they know what I'm talking about)
Best Regards
Dick L.
Barrington, NH

Rob was a HUGE help answering all my questions and helping me pick the correct system for our needs.

Harold and Adam, also really knew what they were doing and answered all my questions. Really pleased with their work

I am glad I picked advanced pump and filter !

Charlotte K
Barrington NH

We were pleased with the service. Everything was clearly explained and work was professional.
Paul S
Madbury, NH

From start to finish you guys were just EXCELLENT with us. No complaints!
Ken & Liz G.
Newmarket, NH

We are very pleased with the service Adam provided! He explained everything and did a great job!

We have always been pleased with your company.

Thanks for inquiring,
Barb & John A.
Raymond, NH

It was very pleased with the quality of workmanship and service that Sean provided. He was great to work with.
Keep up the good work!
Ken B
Durham, NH

Dear Advance:

All the steps through Friday's installation of a new water tank and the UV filter system, followed by Steve's Friday inspection, have gone very smoothly, including the chlorination of our water system at 280 Baer Road in July, the re-test determining no E.coli contamination, and the technicians's visit to determine the exact equipment needs, have gone very smoothly and professionally. Living as we do an hour and a half drive away, it has been very helpful to have thorough and prompt follow-through on scheduling. We now feel very confident that we will be able to turn over to purchasers of our second home (placed on the market on 23 August 2017 through Coldwell Banker of Portsmouth) a drinkable water supply from our spring-fed cistern. We will be glad to recommend Advance Pump and Filter for maintenance of the new system.

Best regards,
Victor M
Sept 2017

Service was prompt, thorough, and courteous.
Dick B
Sept 2017

Very happy with the service and your tech. Great guy and did a great job. Thanks!
Jeff P
Barrington, NH
Sept 2017

Service was great as always. I've work with Harold for years. You can always count on him to do the job correctly.
Greg Serpis
Facility Manager
Sept 2017

Great as usual…Tech was super nice and great to work with!
David W
Lee, NH
Sept 2017

Your technician, Sean, was excellent. He did a great job explaining things and was very professional.
Bill A.
Kittery, ME
Sept 2017


Your crew was incredible, very informative and highly skilled. Will and do recommend your company to all my friends.

Mike D
Dover, NH
Sept 2017


I want to break this into two separate comments.

First comment is you are never happy to have to write a check for almost $1700.00 on the weekend that doesn't include a plane ride and other entertainment.

But all kidding aside this was my experience:

I called Advance Pump and Filter and received the answering service or office and explained the problem that we were having….no water. Within a very short period of time I received a call from Craig with Advance and proceeded to let him know that there was no water and what should I look for. Craig was very courteous and helpful and suggested I check some of the basics relating to the breaker and if I had tried the pressure switch to activate the pump. The advantage I have was I work for a Rep in the Plumbing and Heating world and used to work at a Supply House in Portsmouth years ago and have some decent mechanical capabilities.

Craig picked up on this and had me run a couple of electrical checks and helped narrow this down to a possible bad winding in the pump. I mentioned that I might go grab a new pump at a local Supply House and put this in and told him I appreciated his help. Craig then told me to call if my plan changed and that he would be able to come by in the afternoon on this day (Saturday). I very quickly decided that I did not want to deal with this and called Craig back and he said he would be over in the afternoon. To try to help out I ended up pulling the pump out of the well and then cutting the pump off to help speed things up when Craig arrived at our home.

Craig showed up and was a true professional and speaks very highly of the owner of Advance and the company. I have to say that this is not the norm as I'm constantly hearing contractors complaining on where they work so it was refreshing to hear that from an employee. Craig moved with a quick pace and was in/out in a very short period of time. The pump is working great and I would highly suggest to anyone looking for a pump or filter to call Advance Pump and Filter.

Thank you again!
Jeff & Pam Young
Newmarket NH
Sept 2017

I wanted to let you know how much Steph and I have appreciated the work you have done for us. The demands on our water system are heavy given how 'tough' our well is. Over the years you, along with Rob, Steve and Harold, (sorry for the names I missed!) have provided us with exceptional service. Your pricing is fair, you have been available for emergencies, the workmanship is impeccable, and the customer service has been exceptional. I look forward to your continued service as we move on to our next property, and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for well, pump and filtration service.
Scott K.
Barrington, NH

We just had Scott here installing a small sediment filtration system. This is our second time having Scott at our home. He is not only a true professional and thorough worker, he is delightful as well. After the install was complete he took as much time as we needed to have the new filtration system explained to us.
Advance is our go to for water issues. We've never been disappointed with any of the technicians/installers.
Thank you,
Donna & Stephen H.
Durham, NH

I want to thank you and your Company and especially Butch for explaining the system to us and his thoughts on improving it. I work with Nick P and he speaks very highly of you and your Company. As we move on looking at other homes in the area - we will keep you in mind for servicing our needs.
Much appreciated,
Paul L.

Scott was very knowledgeable and patiently answered my many questions and gave me suggestions for managing the condensation issue. He knows his stuff! You have the nicest, most helpful technicians. Also had a great experience during our last service with Sean!
Amy B.
Greenland, NH

Advance Pump and Filter was there for us many years ago (pre-2009) when, as a younger couple, we were really struggling. Your company helped us fix our water problems. We will never forget your personal and compassionate service toward us way back then and again recently.
Thank you for being an upstanding, caring company. Your employees are top rate, too!
Hugh H.
Barrington, NH

Sean was very knowledgeable and very upfront on the concerns with our old system. We knew it was past its life span but had been letting it go awaiting newer technology. Thanks for taking the time to talk through available options and giving our system the once over.
Ruth T.
Barrington, NH

Good morning Advance Pump and Filter:

Stephen and I wanted to "thank you" for the amazing service we received yesterday.

Yesterday was a very cold day -- high winds -- and it got colder as the day went on. These two guys were simply amazing, focused, professional and never waned from getting the job done. A pleasure to have them in our home.

Donna & Steve H.
Durham, NH

Jim was patient and courteous on the telephone. He was very knowledgeable and explained how to get my jet pump back into operation.
Bobbie J.
Brentwood, NH
November 2016

Jim is a very nice young man. He was very polite and took time to explain the service to me. You should be glad to have him as an employee.
Jim G.
Dover, NH
November 2016

Sean came to our house to service our tank/pump and water softener. He was very thorough as he serviced the components explaining each step to me as he went. I appreciate this to better understand how everything works. Butch has always been a huge help in years past diagnosing and troubleshooting any issues we have had. It is a pleasure to deal with Advance Pump and Filter.
Gary S.
Kittery, ME

Craig has serviced our green sand filter system on several occasions now, and has consistently provided exceptional service! Whether it's an urgent call late in the evening or scheduled maintenance Craig is always professional and polite. I especially appreciate Craig's knowledge of the systems and his willingness to explain things. When the job is done everything is cleaned up and I know it's done right!
I'd also like to thank you Carol, for the high level of customer service you provide, including follow up, help with billing and accommodating schedule changes. It's always easy to deal with you and Advance!

Keith M.
Dover, NH

We had our filter and pressure tank replaced today and had a great experience with Advance Pump and Filter! A call the evening before to confirm our appointment was a helpful reminder and gave us a timeframe as to when to expect the team. We had plenty of warning for when our water would be off and a few other questions were answered promptly. We were able to discuss water quality testing and layout as we enclose our system so that we will accommodate any future needs in the space. We were replacing our filter and tank due to age but our new setup is also a layout that will serve us better. It is more discrete in its space and better anchored so that there is less pressure on pipes when we change our filter cartridge, etc. We also appreciated the attention to detail including mentioning a smell of propane outside our house. Although we hadn't noticed it, another person working at our home had, but didn't mention it. Thankfully, it wasn't a major gas leak, but we appreciated your team speaking up about such a potential hazard! Thank you for our new set up that will serve us well into the future. We look forward to working with you again in the future and will continue to recommend you to friends.
Kristen J.
Newfields, NH

Thank you for the fine work that you did. Your men always leave it clean and neat.
Thank you again for the fine work.

Chuck S.
Newmarket, NH

“Sorry for the delay…things got a little busy during the holidays and we have a pup that is a few days away from the great beyond. Been a tough start to 2016 but I haven't forgotten about what your employees did for us.

A few weeks before Christmas, Rob came out to our house to work up a quote for a water softener. A few days later, our pump decided to call it quits. In short time, Steve got us set up for a house call and Craig and Jim showed up for the work. They did a great job for us. Friendly, informative, professional. Couldn't have asked for more. It's a pricey job not matter how you look at it. What made the difference is that your employees were engaging. I tried to stay out of their way as they worked but they were more than willing to answer my questions and address concerns which helped to soften the blow from the unexpected development.

After having the pump replaced we decided to go ahead with the softener system. Again, Steve set us up on the schedule only to be cancelled as there were more pressing needs of others. Totally fine with that. A softener isn't necessary and I'm glad you guys were able to service those that really needed the help. I like that. Steve helped get us on the schedule the following week and I was hoping that Craig and Jim would be the team to show up for the second install. As luck would have it (or your well planned logistics), they did. Once again, friendly, informative and professional. Steve even stopped by mid-job to bring a part that was needed and it was nice to finally put a face to the voice. We're very pleased with the work that they have performed and would not hesitate to recommend you (and them) to others.

In closing, thank you for professional business. We're new homeowners so much of this is first time for us. It feels like a gamble when I pick up the phone for a service of this kind. In this case, I feel we made out very well. Bottom line for me is not necessarily the dollars invested (although it's important) but just as important is the professionalism and communication of those that provide the service. Craig, Jim and Steve did a tremendous job in coming through on all fronts.

Thank you to you, Rob, Craig, Jim and Steve. We wish you and your team all the best in the New Year. And again, the great service is very much appreciated.”

Brian & Kelly N.
Newmarket, NH
January, 2016

Cathy, I had one of your guys come over the other day and I have to say he was absolutely wonderful and incredibly polite. And I have water again! #bestserviceever
Mary N.

“I wanted to thank you for your recent work on my house. I know people are quick to complain and sometimes not as quick to say thank you. My expansion tank sprung a leak in the night putting us without water. I called you at about 9am to see if this was something you and your team might be able to fix. I was told, absolutely that it could be done and would probably be the next day or even the day after. I was given a budget range for the work over the phone. I was ok with it and said “well let’s go ahead and book it since I don’t have any water”. At that point the gentleman on the phone said “oh, I am sorry I missed that part, let me see if I can move a few things around”. He was able to do that and told me that a technician would be to the house between 2-5. I received a call at 4 saying they should be there in 30min, at 4:10they pulled in the driveway. The work was done professionally and I was not pushed to replace things that did not need replacing but I decided to go ahead and replace the T-valve at the same time. The final bill was just above what was quoted, but that was my decision. A very positive experience and would highly recommend you to neighbors and will be calling to see about a water filtration system. Again, thank you and feel free to use any or all of the above. Have a good weekend.”
Jim Fiascone
Stratham, NH
November 2015

“Harold went above and beyond working on our two water systems on 11/5/15. He cleaned out the pipes and really scraped at them to remove as much iron as possible. He was so thorough. Harold did the absolute best job and also cleaned the outer tanks with bleach, since mold had formed on them. No other tech had done that in the past. I was just so used to looking at them like that and didn’t realize I was supposed to clean them. I will keep them looking new from now on. Also, I have not had any other tech vacuum out the tank like that to keep us afloat for awhile longer. He was efficient, so it didn’t take too long. I would like Harold to take care of our systems in the future.”
Lina M.
Dover, NH
November 2015

“I appreciate the quick response to my dilemma! Harold and Sean were awesome and did an incredible job of getting it all done so I could get to work on time! Didn’t miss a beat! They were fun, professional and very clean! I would highly recommend them and Advance Pump and Filter for pump services! Thank you once Again!”
Lynda F.
Candia, NH
November 2015

“I wanted to take just a moment of your time to tell you how pleased I am with the recent service we received from AP&F. Everyone we have dealt with has demonstrated top-notch professionalism, a thorough knowledge of the technology, a willingness to educate the consumer, and the solutions determined were the actual solutions…not some exercise in shotgun troubleshooting. This is a welcome departure from my experience with other companies in this locality. We will do business again.”
Rich R.
Berwick, ME
October 2015

“I wanted to thank you for the quick response to my problem. You sent two workers to my home on the same day that I called. That is almost unheard of these days. It’s too bad more companies can’t be more like you. These guys that came, worked very hard to fix the problem with my well. I want to thank them very much for doing quality work and for giving us our water back. When I first noticed the problem I was having, I thought for sure it would be a nightmare getting someone to come and fix my well. After calling you I felt relieved and assured that my problem would be fixed soon.”
Bernard G.
Newmarket, NH
October 2015

“Thank you and your crew for repairing our water system. Steve and Harold responded to our request of why our well pump was running every five minutes and the pressure was dropping off. This wasn’t normal for us to hear the pump cycling on and off. They viewed the operation and determined that the foot valve was leaking. The professional actions that these three individuals showed to me as a customer were exceptional! They all worked together to put the system back in operation in the most efficient time. We just want to say Thank You to Steve, Harold, Craig and Wayne for their workmanship and you for the excellent “Customer Service” that Advance Pump and Filter Company provided us.”
Cheryl and Curtis R.
Nottingham, NH

“Just wanted to thank you guys again for all the help in getting my pressure tank all set. I shopped around and spoke to a few other companies, however you guys had the most information and honest feedback. After the install you have been available whenever I had a problem or concern. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends or family.”
Chris C.
Rochester, NH

“Thank you for the amazing work your technicians performed us. Your company was recommended to us through a friend who stated that Advance Pump & Filter was a reliable and honest company. Well, after our interactions with your knowledgeable technicians and office manager, the recommendation was deserved! We will recommend Advance Pump & Filters to our family & friends, and continue to use your company for any future work. Thanks again for the prompt, amazing work and the courtesy of it’s employees that Advance Pump & Filters provided.”
Delena and Alan S.
Lee, NH

“To the gentleman (Butch) who gave me all the valuable advice this am, when I phoned your company. I offer my thanks and appreciation. His knowledge, patience and professionalism are to be commended. It is a pleasure to do business with a company which gives such service and I do thank you. You can be sure I shall recommend your company when the opportunity arises.”
Betty H.
Barrington, NH

“We found ourselves without water. My husband telephoned a few people in the yellow pages, and Advance was the only one who answered the phones at 7:30 in the morning. Right away, two gentlemen came and knew exactly what to do. The pump in our well had apparently been damaged by lightning which we did not know. It was replaced and in no time we were back to normal. The technicians were prompt, pleasant and professional. The estimated quote was accurate. Before they left, the technician made sure I understood what was done and went over with me the instructions on what my husband needed to do to flush away the chlorine treatment so the water could be safely consumed. He even made a point to write lightening damage on the invoice so we could submit it to our insurance. We are very satisfied customers. Thank you very much.”
Joan W.
Nottingham, NH

“Rob, I would like to thank you guys for the new water system in our house. Harold and Josh did an awesome job. They were extremely efficient and the area was left clean. I know the install team put in extra time today, and I am extremely grateful for their sacrifice. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to having you guys service the system in the future.”
Don and Debbie C.
Lee, NH

“Thank you so much for everything. Customer service is exceptional. Technicians do what they say and very honest people to deal with. Thanks!”
Sherri S.
Strafford, NH

“On December 19, 2015 my husband and I did not have water. We quickly called to make a service appointment. When we got a call back it was from Craig, who had us do a few things to try and narrow the problem down. He then went over the cost for him to come to the house as well as pump costs should that be the issue. I told him I knew it was the Saturday before Christmas and that I was very sorry but I needed him to come out. He graciously came an hour earlier than expected, ran a few tests and determined that the problem was in fact in the well itself. So outside we had to be the first 30 degree night we had had all winter. My husband and I went out too in case he needed an extra set of hands and we didn't think it was right for him to be out in the cold and us not be there too. Craig had determined that the problem was in fact the pump itself and not a disconnect in the wires. He was very knowledgeable about the company who makes the pumps as well as the great relationship that you have with them. Craig was very professional and thorough with the entire process. He answered all 100 questions I had for him throughout changing out the pump . He came into the house after he was done and the well was closed to go over the process we had to go through the next day as well as make sure everything was up and running. My husband and I couldn't be happier with the service he provided us but his knowledge and politeness as well as courtesy did not go unnoticed. He very well could have told us there was nothing that could be done until Monday, but he didn't, he came out and did his job like it was any other day. He is a great asset to Advance Pump and we couldn't be happier with the other services you provide to us as well. Craig is a great guy and we are thankful he came to our house that night. Thank you again for all that you guys do for us........we will be customers of yours for many years to come.”
Alisa & Gene C.
Stratham, NH


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