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PFAS Rebate Program

Advance Pump and Filter is your guide through the NH PFAS rebate program

If you are a qualified NH homeowner, you may be eligible for a state funded rebate of up to $5000 to cover the installation and testing required for a PFAS Treatment system. As a listed NHDES water treatment contractor, we are capable of helping you navigate PFAS Testing, PFAS treatment, and the PFAS Rebate program.
This program is only available while the state funding exists. It is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage home owners interested in this program to act quickly.

If you have already taken a PFAS water Test, Advance Pump & Filter can examine your results and determine if you qualify for this offer.
If you have not taken a PFAS Test, Advance Pump & Filter will come to your home and pull a PFAS water sample for you. We then deliver that sample to a third-party certified lab. At the time of sample collection, it may be beneficial for us to perform a no charge site evaluation so we can better plan any future treatment installations.
We may also recommend other lab testing because there are some well water contaminants that may need to be removed in order for PFAS remediation to work properly.
Based off your water test results and site evaluation, we will send you a proposal with PFAS treatment options that fit your needs. Once you approve the proposal we will schedule a date for installation.

After your approval, Advance Pump & Filters friendly and professional customer service specialists will work with you to find a schedule date for the system installation.
After the system has numerous days of usage, we will then schedule a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) water test to confirm that the PFAS treatment system is working properly. This system is designed to remove PFAS from the moment it is installed but we always perform POC testing on all treatment systems that deal with health concerns.

Advance Pump & Filter Co. will guide you through the State of New Hampshire PFAS Rebate program.
We will provide you with all of the necessary documentation that is required for your application.

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