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Jake Pleadwell

Customer testimonial for PFAS contamination in well water – Portsmouth, NH

Our customer in Portsmouth, NH recently found that they had elevated levels of PFAS in their well water. Like a good neighbor, they informed the other members of their community. Some of them discovered no PFAS but others found that they had treatable levels of PFAS in their well water. As water quality professionals, we […]

EPA Finalizes Drinking Water Standard for PFAS

“On April 10, 2024, EPA announced the final National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR) for six PFAS. To inform the final rule, EPA evaluated over 120,000 comments submitted by the public on the rule proposal, as well as considered input received during multiple consultations and stakeholder engagement activities held both prior to and following the […]

An outstanding customer testimonial for Advance Pump & Filter Co.

At Advance Pump & Filter Co., we strive to provide our community with quality water solutions by means of top notch water treatment technology and exceptional service. We are fortunate to have a phenomenal team that works exceptionally hard and every once in a while we get a review that validates our efforts. JP is […]

Advance Pump & Filter Co. teams up with Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity

We are proud to partner with Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity to help provide a local family with clean, and safe drinking water. As Habitat for Humanity was finishing up construction, we got a call from Doug (left in first picture) asking if we would want to work with them to test this family’s well […]

A Piece of Well Pump History

The crew pulled this piece of well pump history out of a well in Rochester, NH the other day! At first we had no idea what it was until we called our resident well water historian, Butch, who informed us that it was an in well pressure bladder.These were popular back in the day when […]

Advance Pump & Filter Co. selected as The Small But Mighty Business of the Month July 2022

A big thank you to The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth for selecting Advance Pump & Filter Co. as The Small But Mighty Business for July 2022. We are proud to serve the greater Portsmouth community and look forward to continue doing mighty work as a small, family-owned business. Below is the write up from […]

The Holidays at APF: Fun, Togetherness, and Giving

WIN – WIN! On Friday afternoon, our team had a Holiday Event (hosted by Portsmouth Team Building) which was fun AND charitable. We started with some trivia games and discovered that Billy clearly has a hidden talent for “name that tune”. Next, we divided into teams to navigate through a series of challenges to earn […]

What to do about PFC’s in my home’s water?

News reports about PFC’s being discovered in both public and private wells at several locations well above the levels in the EPA’s Provisional Health Advisory have raised the level of concern among many home owners about the potential for such contaminants to be in their own wells. Recent reports of similar findings in surface waters […]

Iron Water

Each water system is unique and has different needs. Please contact our office at 603-868-3212 with specific questions about your water delivery and filtration system.   In the soils of New Hampshire and Maine, it is extremely common to find minerals that contain iron. Iron is the fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust , […]

Water Softener

Each water system is unique and has different needs. Please contact our office at 603-868-3212 with specific questions about your well and filtration system.  An overwhelming 85% of the U.S.A. has hard water. The minerals that make up hard water are not considered toxic; that is, they do not cause harmful health effects but water […]