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Hard Water

Each water system is unique and has different needs. Please contact our office at 603-868-3212 with specific questions about your water delivery and filtration system. Do you ever deal with white spotting on your glasses? Do you find white scale build up on shower heads and fixtures? Are you having to prematurely replace your hot […]

Arsenic in Well Water

Water quality can change over time. For this reason, we recommend testing for arsenic every 3-5 years. If you have an Arsenic Removal System, annual testing is recommended to confirm that levels haven’t changed and that media quality is still good and is removing arsenic from the water. If you live in New Hampshire (especially Seacoast […]

What Type of Salt Should I Use for My Water Softener?

We get asked his question a lot and we can understand the confusion surrounding it. In this post we will go over some of the basics softener salt and hopefully answer some frequently asked questions. 4 Rules of Water Softener Salt Rule #1- Do not use “Rock Salt” Rule #2- Whether that bag is yellow, […]

Let’s talk Constant Pressure Systems

I’ve been hearing about “Constant Pressure Systems”; what does that mean? What do they do? In the context of a residential water supply system, “Constant Pressure” refers to a combination of well, pump and control components designed to provide water to the home at a pressure that remains close to a chosen “set-point”, e.g. 60 […]