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COVID-19 Updated Service


We hope this letter finds you in good health. Like you, we have been monitoring the rapidly-changing recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health departments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

We are open for business, but have temporarily modified office hours. Currently, we will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for regular business.

We will continue to offer Emergency Service EVERY DAY (including weekends).
Emergency Service includes:
-Well pump service (No Water, Low Water Pressure)
-Significant water leaks
-Filter system failure (if treating for primary contaminant or health concern like
bacteria, arsenic, PFAS and radon).

Non-emergency work will be scheduled on a case by case basis for March. We are currently booking preventive maintenance service appointments for April / May / June.

Call us at 603-868-3212 or email info@advanceh2o.com to schedule service. We will always have someone answering the phone; either our staff during regular office hours or the answering service if the office is closed. Emergencies will be dispatched to the on-call technician.

While we always strive for high standards of cleanliness and safety, we have implemented additional recommended protocols to help keep our employees and customers healthy:

-Employees who feel unwell should stay home.
-Employees demonstrating symptoms of respiratory illness (fever, cough, shortness
of breath) must stay home and not return until cleared by a doctor.
-Employees will wash down and sanitize their work spaces (desk or work truck)
multiple times a day. Common areas will also be cleaned.
-Employees will attempt to maintain a six feet distance from one another.
-Employees will take separate work trucks when going to crew jobs.
-Employees will wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds upon
arriving in the office and throughout the day.
-We are encouraging all employees to practice social distancing in their personal lives.

Coming to our office:
If you would like to purchase any goods or water test kits from our main office, we would be happy to complete this transaction over the phone and we can leave the products for you out on our front porch.

Entering your home:
-If you are ill and/or have symptoms of the virus, please take care of yourself and
reschedule the appointment.
-Please wash your hands before and after we come to your home.
-If you speak face to face with the technician, please keep a 6 feet distance.
-Technicians will wash or sanitize their hands before and after servicing your
-Technicians will sanitize the equipment they touch before and after performing
any work.
-All employees will maintain a 6 feet distance.
-Where possible, technicians will enter through a bulkhead or basement door. —–
-Please have the door open and ready for them upon arrival.
-Please make sure we have your phone number, so we can call you to discuss job
specifics while on site.
-Whenever possible, we will ask to have a credit card number ‘on hold’ at the
office. Once the service work or installation is complete, we will review the cost
and only then run the credit card. We can also take an e-check over the phone.

Please remember that Advance Pump & Filter is a small, family run business. We are working tirelessly to do what’s best for everyone, employees and customers alike. We will continue to closely follow the guidance of CDC and WHO. As this is an ever changing situation, we will do our best to communicate any updates as they unfold.

If you have any questions, please call us at 603-868-3212 or email info@advanceh2o.com.

Stay well.

Cathy & Rob Cartmell
Advance Pump & Filter Co., Inc.
10 Calef Highway
Lee, NH 03861