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An outstanding customer testimonial for Advance Pump & Filter Co.

At Advance Pump & Filter Co., we strive to provide our community with quality water solutions by means of top notch water treatment technology and exceptional service. We are fortunate to have a phenomenal team that works exceptionally hard and every once in a while we get a review that validates our efforts. JP is a new customer and he wanted to share his experience with his greater community.

“Need to share a great experience I recently had with Advance Pump and Filter in Lee, NH….

I bought a home in a neighboring town about 5 years ago…. never had a well or water softening system. After five years with no issues, I noticed my water softener system making some funny noises. I drive by Advance Pump and Filter on Route 125 in Lee, NH almost everyday so thought I would give them a call to come and have a look.

A charming woman answered with a genuine smile in her voice and proceeded to educate, inform, and inquire of my well, pump, and filtering needs. I was so impressed with the way she managed our conversation, I made it a point to share my utter enjoyment of our conversation with “Sarah.” I’ve spent a number of years in a successful sales role building relationships and serving my customers… Sarah should give a class on customer experience. We scheduled my appointment, she explained everything clearly and set exact expectations.

The service team arrived when they said they would, provided me with options (none of which felt like an aggressive sales pitch) and I promptly requested that we schedule the work. The team called a couple days ahead of my appointment to ask if they could come early! I agreed of course.

The team arrived on time, completed their work promptly, cleaned up, removed my old equipment and were extremely courteous and professional. My wife was crazy impressed with Advance Pump and Filter from Lee, NH that she asked me if we could be permanent customers… I naturally agreed.

Bravo Sarah, Cathy and the service people who were all AWESOME. Yes, we are now permanent customs and no I’m not related to anyone there (LOL) or was a paid to write this review.

I am also a small, locally owned and operated business so really appreciate the way Advance Pump and Filter of Lee treated us. If you need well, pump, or filtering support, give these folks a call. I promise you will not be disappointed.

JP Gauthier Home Services”

Thank you for this testimonial JP. We look forward to work with you in the future!